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Welcome to Dragonfly Tours Japan, where you will find enthralling holidays and tours in Japan brought to you by guides who are passionate about their country and want to share it with you.  In small groups (most of our Japan tours have a maximum of 8-10 people) and with a flexible schedule our escorted tours will show you the best of Japan whilst also giving you the freedom to explore this magical country by yourself.  We have tours throughout the year including last minute trips, incredible Autumn tours to Japan in 2018 and fabulous tours in the spring & summer of 2019.

We have over 13 years’ experience in delivering incredibly enjoyable tours throughout Japan and come highly recommended from recent visitors – read Dragonfly Tours Japan reviews.

Our escorted tours in Japan give you the chance to taste the freshest sushi or the potentially fatal fugu (pufferfish), pick up the latest gadget and some antique lacquer ware, soak in hot springs, see ancient temples, visit Zen gardens, explore modern cities and much more. Read on to find out more about our selection of tours to Japan in 2018 & 2019. Remember, as well as these great tours we also provide customised tours in Japan which give you flexibility over your itinerary.

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Taking in the futuristic high-rises of Tokyo, the ancient temples of Kyoto and the traditions, food and culture of an intriguing nation, this small group tour in the heartland of Japan is ideal for the first-time visitor or for anyone who wants to capture the essence of the country.
The cherry blossom that paints Japan in pink every April is the most powerful symbol in the nation’s culture. The intimate relationship between natural images and Japan’s philosophy and art is well known and records suggest that the people of Japan have held these pink blooms in high regard right back to the foundation of the country.
The Crimson Leaf tour is the perfect choice for an Autumn tour of Japan. Every year when the intense heat of the summer breaks, Japan bursts into flame with autumn colours. At autumn’s peak in November, the mountains, the forests, the urban parks and avenues are ablaze with every kind of red, orange and yellow providing a stunning backdrop for your holiday.
The Takayama Festival Tour is a tour of Japan with a difference. You experience the highlights of Japan such as Tokyo and Kyoto, but at the heart of this tour is the experience of the Takayama festival, unheard of by many travellers here, and experienced by fewer.
The Takayama Reverse Festival Tour is based upon our Takayama Festival Tour but it heads in the opposite direction with some extra tweaks along the path. You experience the highlights of Japan such as Tokyo and Kyoto, but at the heart of this tour is the experience of the Takayama festival.
The Ancient Highway Tour is a relaxing trip taking in four of the most popular places in Japan. The tour starts in the neon and glitz of Tokyo which makes a neat contrast with the next stop, the somewhat more traditional old capital Kamakura.
Mount Fuji is the symbol of Japan — its culture, its values; everything it represents. In times past, Fuji was the pivot of Japan’s ancient road connecting the cultural, spiritual and imperial centre of the country Kyoto with Tokyo, the traditional centre of commerce and political power.
This is a Japanese tour off the beaten track and who, like our ancestors, want to approach Japan through its historical gateway.
Tailor made tours


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Sarina Cowle

We had great time on tour and loved the fact that the group is so limited in numbers. There was no cattle class happening! Support from head office regarding various issues was great and such assistance was very accessible. Thanks, Sarina Cowle B.Ec. LLb. LLM
Tour taken: Crimson Leaf Tour


*Just writing to say a massive 'THANK YOU' for a really wonderful holiday with Dragonfly Tours. Japan is an amazing country and travelling with Dragonfly completed the whole experience. I particularly enjoyed the wide range of activities offered on the tour; from walking to visiting shrines to relaxing on the beach; which meant that every day was unique and special. I also found using public transport greatly enriched my experience of Japan, even if I did get travel sick! I would highly recommend Dragonfly to anyone as it provides a very friendly and comprehensive experience of Japan, the quality of which is far richer than would be possible in a larger group with a big tour agency. Thank you for such a great time :)* It's 15oc and raining in England so winter clothes are out already! Hope you've managed to sort out your field, we have arrived home to more apples than it is possible to know what to do with.
Tour taken: Japan Ancient Highways Tour

Judy & Lee Jackson

Hi Russ, just a line to say a big thank you for our wonderful holiday. Lee and I feel we did so much and saw so much of the way the Japanese live and work; what a great, well organised and clean country. We thought you were a great guide and made it so interesting for us, we?ll defiantly recommend Dragonfly Tours to every one who asks.
Tour taken: Japan Heartland Tour

Caryn Hogar

For many years I have wanted to go to Japan during the Spring in cherry blossom season and Dragonfly Tours helped me live my dream. It was a stress free holiday as everything was done for me and if I wanted advice or wasn’t sure about something there was always someone to help. My holiday was everything I dreamed it would be, thank you Dragonfly!
Tour taken: Cherry Blossom Tour

Dragonfly Tours Japan

We have a fantastic collection of tours to Japan in 2018/19 which deliver the ultimate experience in this fascinating country and are guaranteed to leave you with treasured memories of the most amazing holiday experience. Our tours in Japan have been carefully planned and refined over the last 12 years so you get to see more of the historical sites, take in more of the beautiful scenery and soak up more of the unique atmosphere of some of the best cities in the world.  Browse our site to see what we have to offer. We still have limited places available on some of our tours this year if you are looking for a last minute getaway and availability on 2019 tours in Japan.

Japan Tours with Local Guides

Our tours in Japan are undertaken with local guides who have a wealth of knowledge about living and travelling in Japan. This knowledge, experience and passion for Japan enables guests on our tours to get more out of their visit seeing sights and experiencing the very best things that are often missed on tours to Japan that are packaged for bulk operators.

Japan Tour Experts

We only provide tours to Japan, we don’t do tours anywhere else. We have 12 years’ experience in guided tours in Japan which we continually refine through traveller feedback and our local knowledge of the various destinations of Japan.

Tailor Made Tours

Book a tailor made tour to Japan with Dragonfly Tours and experience this enchanting country at your own speed. Our tailor made tours are for groups of any size, for any time of year and any duration and give you flexibility and control over your itinerary. 

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You are in safe hands when you book a tour with us.  As members of the Travel Trust Association (TTA) since 2009, all monies paid are 100% secured and guaranteed in the unlikely event of failure.  This coverage is worldwide, no matter which country you are from; or where you live.  Our member number is U6165.

If you would like to find out more about our Japan tours please get in touch and we will answer any queries you may have.  Our tours can be booked online or over the phone.