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Is it worth visiting Japan in the winter? The short answer is Yes.  There is much to enjoy in Japan during the winter months;

  • The famous snow monkeys are out and about.  The Japanese Macaque are native to Japan and live in colder conditions and further north than any other monkeys.  A popular sight for tourists during the winter in Jigokudani Monkey Park.
  • Furano, Hakuba, Niseko and many other ski resorts famous for deep powder snow welcome local and international visitors for snowboarding and skiing throughout the season.
  • There are wonderful seasonal dishes to gorge on such as Oden and Nabe (traditional hot pot).
  • Illuminations and winter festivals to enjoy in many cities including Tokyo, Kobe and Kyoto
  • Take a dip in hot springs.  Known as Onsen, the natural volcanic hot springs are a great experience during the winter months, few things beat sitting in an outside bath in the snow
  • Stay in a 250-year-old farmhouse in Shirakawa-Go, one of Japan's many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Winter Tour in Japan

Japan Winter Tour 2021

Take time off from skiing and join a winter tour of Japan.  Visit Tokyo, see the famous Snow Monkeys, have a soak in an outdoor hot springs, visit Matsumoto Castle, stay in a 250 year old farmhouse, eat delicious seasonal foods and see exquisite gardens & beautiful scenery - Welcome to our winter tour in Japan.Visit


Daily Tour Summary

  1. Introductions; Group Meal; Walking Night Tour of Kabuki-cho
  2. Bullet Train to Nagano; Snow Monkeys. Hot Springs
  3. Matsumoto Castle
  4. Old Preserved Quarter; Sake Distillery; Kusakabe House
  5. Thatched Village; Home Cooked Meal; Overnight Stay in Farmhouse
  6. Kenroku-en Garden; Samurai House & Garden
  7. Kyoto; Sanjusangendo; Free Time

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Winter Weather in Japan

The winter weather varies in Japan with cold, sunny days in cities like Tokyo and chillier temperatures with plenty of snow in the more mountainous regions.

Our Northern Routes tour of Japan is a short tour that is a great accompaniment to a ski holiday in Japan or as a standalone tour if you want to spend a week in Japan immersed in the beautiful winter scenery. 

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