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Tailor Made Japan Tours

Book a tailor made tour to Japan with Dragonfly Tours and experience this enchanting country at your own speed. With so many of us having restrictions on our time, varied interests and a liking to move at different speeds it can be challenging to find the tour that suits your needs.  If so, making your very own custom tour might just be for you. We are specialists in tailor made tours to Japan and can help you get the most out of your time away, planning your trip as you want it whilst using our intimate knowledge and experience to suggest sights and experiences you may not have thought of. Our tailor made tours to Japan are custom made to your budget, tastes, available time, destinations in Japan and more.  We come highly recommended from travellers throughout the world so if you are looking for your perfectly tailored tour in Japan please get in touch to discuss your travel plans.


Tailor Made Japan

A tailor made tour in Japan doesn’t necessarily cost more but does give you flexibility and control over your itinerary.  We design and operate tailor made tours to Japan for all types of visitors including clubs and associations, merry bands of friends and family trips. Our tailor made tours are for groups of any size, for any time of year and any duration. Our knowledge and passion will ensure your tailored tour to Japan will leave you with lasting memories of a fabulous time away and probably wanting to do it all again.

Furthermore, this flexible concept is a great advantage for groups of families who want to travel together as a single group.  They are also ideal if you dislike the idea of having to join a tour with people you don’t know.

Custom Tours in Japan

You decide where in Japan you want to visit, when you travel and for how long you want to stay, the standard of accommodation you require and how much assistance you wish from your guide.  We’ll arrange your itinerary and accommodation to suit your specified requirements.  There is no obligation, all we require is a briefing from you.  We’ll get back to you promptly and together we’ll build your ideal tailor made Japan tour itinerary. 

Scheduled Tours in Japan

Alternatively, all our scheduled tours can be operated exclusively for you as an individual, or as a group, commencing on the date of your choice.

Our tours;


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