Mount Fuji: the eternal symbol of Japan; and at its foot, five magnificent lakes. The largest of these lakes is Kawaguchi. If you catch it at just the right time, Kawaguchi is a shimmering mirror for its mountain neighbour.

Fuji and the five lakes are an area of outstanding natural beauty but add up to so much more than nice views.

Kawaguchi is a popular jumping off point for climbing Mount Fuji, and the lake also supports water sports, hiking, hotels and all sorts of leisure activities, including, of course, Japan’s ubiquitous hot spring baths — many of which are set up with a view of the famous volcano.

For as long as there has been a Japan, Fuji has inspired artists and travellers and today the mountain and lake Kawaguchi are part of UNESCO’s Fujisan Cultural Site. The area is teeming with museums that celebrate Japan’s cultural achievements and traditions.

Kawaguchi may not be the only way to appreciate Fuji and this area of outstanding charm, but it is the best place to start. We visit here on our Mount Fuji Tour.

Mt.Fuji from across Lake Kawaguchi



Kachi-Kachi cable car



Lake Saiko



Sunrise from the summit of Mt.Fuji



The long walk down Mt.Fuji

(Going down is worst than going up - now you can see how far you have to battle on for!)



Iyashi no Sato



Ice Cave



Wind Cave Entrance



Sea of Trees

The Sea of Trees, an unusual forest growing over the waves of larval flow, secret caverns and passages