The Tokyo metropolitan area is home to nearly 38 million people, more than the entire population of Canada and more than half that of the UK, making it the most populace conurbation in the world.

It is Japan’s political, cultural, and economic powerhouse and when you arrive in the city centre for the first time, you can feel the energy, sense the power; and you know right away you are somewhere out of the ordinary.

Aside from the shops, the restaurants, the amazing architecture, there are the very modern distractions of Disneyland, Disney Sea, and Akihabara, the centre of otaku culture. The city is also home to historical and cultural sites like the Imperial Palace and the Meiji Shrine. Tsukiji fish market, where you can dine on the freshest sashimi and sushi just as it comes off the boats, provides an essentially Japanese experience.

The fascination doesn’t stop at the city limits: it is a short train ride to the calmer pleasures of the old city of Kamakura with its giant statue of Buddha, and, Mt Fuji, the emblem of Japan.

Exploring Tokyo and checking out everything it has to offer would take a few lifetimes but Dragonfly tours will help you discover the essentials of this giant city. 

We have a number of Japan Tours that include Tokyo as part of the itinerary.  Our Japan Heartland Tour takes in Tokyo before visiting Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka and other places. In fact with the exception of the Kyushu Gateway Tour all of our tours take in Tokyo for between 1-4 days. If you are looking for a spring tour that includes a few days in Tokyo, the Cherry Blossom Tour is the perfect choice. For those wanting to enjoy Tokyo in the Autumn our Crimson Leaf Tour is the ideal option.



Shinjuku, one of the main downtown areas and transportation hubs of the city.  An area packed with shops, bars, clubs, karaoke, restaurants and fun!



Nostalgia Street

Or the more affectionately known as Piss Alley, a couple of atmospheric alleys beside Shinjuku Station




The old entertainment area, famous for Sensoji Temple





Electronics heaven







High-end shopping area




The National Theatre of Kabuki, a reason to go to Ginza



Tsukiji Fish Market

Despite some efforts to close it, it's still here, and a must see.  Located just south of Ginza



A bustling shopping area with its "scramble crossing"


Niju Bashi, Imperial Palace

Niju Bashi Bridge at the Imperial Palace