vacations in japan from usa

If you are considering a vacation to Japan from the US do it! Japan is a magical country offering breath-taking scenery, cosmopolitan cities, historical sites, top quality accommodations and so much more.  If you are looking for a trip of a lifetime that takes in Japans top destinations or something more specific, we are experts in tailor made tours to Japan.   You may be interested in vacations that take in Japans pulsating capital, Tokyo, or a scenic trip around Mount Fuji, maybe a heritage tour of Kyoto is for you?  You could be looking for a vacation to Japan during the Spring to take in the wonderful Cherry Blossom or a Crimson Leaf tour during the Fall when the colours are amazing.  The choice is yours.

Dragonfly Tours are your personal guide to Japan providing a comprehensive travel service that will leave you with lasting memories of a wonderful vacation in Japan.  We balance our tours so you enjoy a guide-led tour whilst getting time to explore Japan on your own as little or as much as you want.  Our tours are customised to suit our vacationers. 

We get a lot of booking for Japan tours from the USA as our British and Japanese guides are so incredibly experienced and passionate about the country and of course…they speak your language.

If you are planning a vacation to Japan from the US, the only real option is by airplane and there are daily departures from airports across the country so you have a lot of choice.  Durations vary but here are some average flight times to get a feel for it;

Los Angeles (LAX) to Tokyo (all airports): Non-stop flights around 11 hours 40 minutes flying with American, Delta, United, Singapore Airlines and moreTokyo Vacation

New York (JFK and EWR) to Tokyo (all airports): Non-stop flights around 14 hours, connecting flights 16 hours+ Multiple carriers.

San Francisco (SFO) to Tokyo (all airports): 10 hours 30 minutes with United, ANA, JAL, American non-stop.  Connecting flights with multiple carriers.

Chicago (all airports) to Tokyo (all airports): 13 hours non-stop with United, ANA, JAL, American.  Connecting flights with multiple carriers.

So whether it is doing winter sports, viewing cherry blossoms, maiko dancing, dressing up as a samurai, rafting, canyoning, city life or visiting sake breweries, we are here for you.

If you are planning to spend your vacation by touring Japan please contact us or take a look at our tours at